South Indian cuisine includes the cuisines of the four southern states of India:

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala.

The similarity among the cuisines include the presence of rice as a staple food, the use of lentils and spices, dried red chilies and fresh green chilies, coconut, tamarind, garlic and ginger. The four cuisines have much in common and differ primarily in the spiciness of the food.

Here is a list of 7 spices for South Indian cooking that are most commonly used.

1. Manjal (Turmeric)

2. Malli (Coriander)

3. Milagai (Red Chilli)

4. Jeeragam (Cumin)

5. Kuru Milagu (Peppercorn)

6. Perungayam (Asafoetida)

7. Three C’s (Cinnamon, Cardamon & Cloves)

In keeping with the 7HSpices tradition, this restaurant is the result of years of research and trials across the four southern states of India, by our team of chefs and culinary experts. This team sourced information and ingredients from noted and celebrated cooks in the region. Gourmands from traditional south Indian communities were invited to sample the dishes as they were being developed resulting in some of the most delectable dishes from the region.

Each item on the menu is cooked in its own distinct spices and style. This is a far cry from the idlis and dosas, typically associated with South Indian cuisine, which are traditionally consumed for breakfast in the South of India. For example at mealtimes, there are many specialties, which grace the average south Indian table.

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